I have moment where I tell myself that I should stop messing around and actually get myself to Uni and study! Yesterday when I went to Selfridges just to have a look at the new pre-fall and fall collection they have in stock it made me think of pursuing fashion buying and merchandising (again!) As previously documented last year I decided not to go forward with applying for Uni because I needed a B in maths to get in the course, well anyway!

I think shops like Selfridges, Liberty or Browns should take more risk when it comes to buying pieces especially for menswear. I get so frustrated when I see the same boring crap that’s laid out for men. I understand that men aren’t as into fashion as women, but wouldn’t it be nice if instead of being fed the same ugly shirt or jacket men are exposed to innovative pieces or designer? I understand that shops like Selfridges are commercial and will stock designers or pieces that will sell and to make profit, but I think buyers should take more risks when it comes to men! Expose us to innovative and interesting designers because to be truthfully honest a man in a suit? BORING.

Age and maturity is a necessity when it comes to wearing Rick Owens

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